Persona 4 The Golden Animation - Opening Animation
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【花村 陽介】: Persona 4 Golden Epilogue
Yosuke: 凪崎
Photographer: sue


Discovered another photo from Supanova~




Persona 4 cosplayers I saw at Sydney Supanova! Please let me know if you recognise any so I can credit them!

Naoto | Yukiko | Yosuke

Full album on facebook is here

Did you the favour and added me since I’m Yosuke here o/

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Have some Yosuke in a foxsuit

and yes that is a bell around my neck

my kouhai continues to be perfect

absolutely perfect

absolute perfection


I’m not perfection

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what breaks my heart about Yosuke Hanamura is that he is such a smart kid, and he feels so strongly about what he believes in, he’s so determined to do the right thing, he’s so determined to help Souji out and find the killer and he puts his heart into everything he does.

But everybody just sort of looks down on him for different reasons and he’s internalized all of these things and developed an inferiority complex. His father is the manager of Junes, people around town sometimes scapegoat their spite onto Yosuke, (he’s “infamous” as he described it) and even some of the employees try to take advantage of Yosuke and how nice he is. He was in love with Saki Konishi only to later find out that not only did she consider him a pain in the ass, but she was only being nice to him because he was the managers son.

Throughout the game it’s hinted at that he puts himself below Souji, because he feels second-best already, because Souji got his persona first, and because everybody sees Souji as the iconic hero that Yosuke has always wanted to be seen as. He even admits that he’s been jealous of Souji and wants to stand “shoulder to shoulder” with him.

And a lot of people see Yosuke as nothing but comic relief, a pervert, a douchebag, or just a character who’s really dumb. Yosuke is smart, Yosuke has a ton of brilliant ideas throughout the case and he’s so determined to catch the killer and he struggles within himself to cope with Saki’s death. Yosuke is such an important character and his development is amazing