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Uncharted: Drake “NO NO NO” Supercut

this is fucking beautiful

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# lol

Uncharted + Nate chillin out


can we just take a minute and


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Alright kid, lets do it. One last time.



IRL girlfriends Linds and Del cosplay from their favorite video games!

See cosplay from Uncharted, L.A. Noire, Beyond: Two Souls, Pokemon… and MORE right here on our cosplay blog!

After everything happened with you and me, I tried to heal. I 
knew that I needed to forget you and move on. I hurt so much;
everyday felt like a death sentence. I mourned you like you were dead and then, all of a sudden I missed you again. I mean, I
never stopped missing you, but this time it hit me hard. I
couldn’t go to sleep for a single night without seeing you in my
— Tarryn Fisher