Persona 4 The Golden Animation - Opening Animation



Persona 4 cosplayers I saw at Sydney Supanova! Please let me know if you recognise any so I can credit them!

Naoto | Yukiko | Yosuke

Full album on facebook is here

Did you the favour and added me since I’m Yosuke here o/

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Beauty and the Beast: Final Version?

Pending a few minor edits, this is it! I want to go back and dungeon crawl with these two again.  Thanks for all the reblogs on the WIP!

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Okay so what if there was a prom event and Kanji managed to find the courage to ask Naoto to go with him. And before they meet up he’s picturing her in all sorts of dresses, wondering if she’ll wear one. She doesn’t. But it’s okay because he’s blown away by how cute she looks in a suit. 

If I can’t have you Kanji then I only wish for your happiness