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Uncharted - portrait Atoq Navarro :)

Holy crap it’s so awesome to see some Navarro art! YESSS. This is great!


My entry for the Naughty Dog 30 Years Anniversary shirt design contest!

When I found out there was this contest going on, I figured why not use it as a deadline to do a little personal illustration. I really love the Uncharted cast, and too often I see just pictures of Nate without any of the other characters who really make the Uncharted series special to me! I wanted to try and include as many as I could, while still making a cohesive piece that reflected the feel of the games :)

As for the contest, it’s one of those voting-type things, so if you like what I made, it’d be awesome if you stopped over there and rated it! There’s a lot of neat art over there, so whether you like Jak & Daxter, TLOU or Uncharted, there’s a lot of eye candy. Head over n check it out, and give us artists some votes! <3

You have to sign up for an account to rate, so just know the link’ll take you there, then you can click on this link again to view mine particularly.

See & Vote here!

After everything happened with you and me, I tried to heal. I 
knew that I needed to forget you and move on. I hurt so much;
everyday felt like a death sentence. I mourned you like you were dead and then, all of a sudden I missed you again. I mean, I
never stopped missing you, but this time it hit me hard. I
couldn’t go to sleep for a single night without seeing you in my
— Tarryn Fisher
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We take this game very seriously.With: Del (Marlowe), Ash (Cutter), Kim (Sully) and LSK (Navarro) and me as Talbot.