9 Dec 11:06
4 months ago
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We take this game very seriously.With: Del (Marlowe), Ash (Cutter), Kim (Sully) and LSK (Navarro) and me as Talbot. 



Uncharted screens! This weekend was pretty rad, because all of our Uncharted groupies (except for Rhi /sadface) hopped on PSN and played some much needed Uncharted Multiplayer. For some, it was to awaken lost muses, and for others? To take down LSK. Haha!

It was a whole lot of fun playing with you all, and I hope we can group up together again sometime soon!

Nathan Drake (myself), Marlowe, Talbot, Sully & Navarro.

Such a beautiful time! I hope we can do it again over winter break! :’D WE’LL GET YOU NEXT TIME, LSK, MY PRETTY~


Synchronized swimming at the Dry Docks in U3MP!With my BFFS: Del (Marlowe), Ash (Cutter), Kim (Sully) and LSK (Navarro).

7 Nov 16:16
5 months ago
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Uncharted Meme (5/8 friendships and otps) - Gabriel Roman & Atoq Navarro