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Imagine your favorite character as your mentor in some recreational activity (such as dance/martial arts/yoga/fencing/etc). Despite their original desire to keep things professional, every session and every accidental touch slowly erodes at their restraint. The tension escalates, especially when they can see the unbridled desire in your eyes that may or may not be intentional. A clumsy motion and an attempted rescue sends you both to the floor, one topping the other and both unable to break eye contact. The final wall comes down and they press their lips against yours. 

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The killer strikes, and Casey shows ‘em what for! Well… sort of.

Awesome cameo by our photographer’s fist here. He took the photo and managed to throw a punch! Now that’s skill!

[Part 1]  [Part 2] [Part 3]

[character shots] [character shots 2]

[Photography by Lash]

Please check out our [FB page] and our [cosplay tumblr] for more of our work, and our [Pulp] tag for more info about our 1930s characters!

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Hello My Old Heart

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Cute Canvas Backpack (Choose One)