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Did You Know?

Since 1745, an army of cats are used to guard the artworks of the Hermitage Museum of the Winter Palace in St. Petersburg from rodent predators. By the time of the reign of Catherine the Great, there was a substantial number of cats. They survived the storming of the building by the Bolsheviks in 1917, but the siege of Leningrad (as it was then called) during the Second World War meant that their descendants succumbed to disease, starvation or the needs of the famished human population. The basement is the ‘cat headquarters’ and where their food is prepared and their health looked after.


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Wind in the Wilderness - Yugo Kanno

The Spaghetti Western theme Hol Horse is introduced with.

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Kars (Me) // Dio Brando (Sieggu)  // Photos by: Onodere // Edit: Me

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